Thursday, August 21, 2008

What I Carry

There was a question on one of the scooter forums a while back asking what one typically takes along for a ride. I'd have taken up way more than a reasonable amount of space if I'd tried to answer that question there.

I knew even before I got the Fly that I wouldn't just want to ride a scooter for fun, but that I'd want to take it to work and to run errands. I'd considered one of those top trunk type boxes for the back, but they seem terribly limited as to what could fit inside. The Fly had no storage space at all behind the passenger portion of the seat, and while the BV had some it was limited to a very small area. I got the BV in October of last year and I decided that I'd put any efforts toward making a sturdy bracket off till the spring. When the temperatures got warm enough to work outdoors comfortably I enlisted the help my my dad to make this...

The square aluminum pipes are bolted together with deliberate overkill. I didn't want to have to worry about hearing things falling apart behind me while riding over a bump somewhere. The upward portion of four "tongues" came from some sort of shelf meant to attach to a pegboard.

Usually this whole thing is occupied by a travel bag, my tripod, a small backpack that also doubles as a drink holder when attached to the ring up front, and a Penguins hat to show support for the local hockey farm team that my wife, sister, and daughter follow religiously.

But, all of that can be removed in under a minute to be replaced by this...

The travel bag holds a first aid kit, a notepad and pen, screwdrivers, a small wrench, a multipurpose tool, and a jumper wire which I rigged up after having had a problem in starting the Fly because the contacts in the brake handles caused trouble with starting it on occasion.

The storage area under the seat is entirely full. I carry a reflective vest, a poncho, a full autumn thickness jacket, a flannel shirt, a good sized umbrella (when opened), bungee type cords and other tie downs, a towel, a medium sized backpack, multiple screwdrivers sets (straight, philips, and stars), a smaller tripod, a flashlight, spare fuses, and maybe a few other things I've forgotten about since I put them in there.

I might be over packed by a long shot, but I have the strange notion that as soon as I take one of these things out or off it'll be on the day when I'll just happen to find myself in need of it.


Marc said...

That's a lot of stuff! Former Boy Scout? (Be prepared.)

I didn't see a Trunk Monkey in your topcase. Everyone needs one of those:

Drake said...

That is a really cool rack for your scooter. The vertical metal is a really good idea for stacking backpacks, tents, camping gear on your scooter.

Paul said...

I'd say "nice rack," but that's got too much double meaning. My Vino has a decent rack on the back that I've stuck a crate on with bungees. it works great.

I don't carry quite as much as you do. I basically carry my .380 pistol, a wrench, a couple of allen wrenches (for tightening my windshield when it joggles loose), a flashlight, and a pocket knife. I'm planning to add an emergency tire repair kit eventually.

Anonymous said...

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