Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Other Ways of Getting There

I had a most wonderful weekend visiting a college friend in Somerset, PA. I saw these beauties parked in the Wal-Mart parking lot out there.

A Honda Silver Wing. It looks like a very substantial bike.

This one had no obvious make or model on it. Some idiot who shall remain nameless apparently had the camera strap dangling in front of the lens when the shot was snapped.

Both of the scooters were being piloted by middle aged guys like myself. Are we 50 somethings becoming the scooter generation?

And gliding over the house today, this...

The highest I've ever been off the terra firma has been in a tethered balloon basket at the Philadelphia Zoo. I've never had occasion to fly, but if I could I think I'd love a ride in a blimp. Though its size doesn't complete the comparison, compared to other means of air travel a relatively slow moving blimp ride would seem most akin to a relaxing jaunt on a small scooter.

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