Friday, August 1, 2008


I was thrilled and honored to find a comment on one of my recent posts from none other than Steve Williams of Scooter in the Sticks. When I started looking to see if there were any scooter related blogs out there Steve's site was one of the first I stumbled upon and I was greatly impressed. Between his superb writing style and stellar photographs I found a lot to like on his blog, and in part he served as an inspiration for me to get Scootin' da Valley off the ground. Hardly had I begun to check in regularly, though when Steve announced that he was about to begin a "hibernation" of sorts to pursue other interests. I'm really glad that he's back and posting to "...Sticks" occasionally.

I'm very humbled too in having been found and liked by other fellow scooter bloggers here in Pennsylvania and I try to check in to see what these guys are up to every day. They're over in the sidebar at the very top of my links - "Fellow Pennsylvanians" - and I truly enjoy each of their unique styles.

Across the Susquehanna River I found another public place this morning from which I can blog comfortably. The site of some former industrial complex, it features a picnic table resting inside a steel sculpture...

Unfortunately, in spite of thinking I'd charged the laptop, I got a low battery warning shortly after boot-up. I quickly plugged in my extra external battery only to find that it was depleted as well. I swear there must have been some kind of power sucking vampire nearby because both batteries should have been completely full. I had power long enough, though, to find not an unsecured Linksys this time, but a Netgear. Horray! Something different!

And this picture, simply because I really like how it came out...

I could give it a cliché sounding name like "Reflections" or something equally lame, but that would just cheapen an otherwise nice shot.

Enjoy the weekend! Happy and safe riding!


Marc said...

Joe -- have you ever thought about doing video blogs like this:

That guy has another video where he shows his helmet cam (just look at his full list of videos).

I dunno, it just seems like something that would really be your style.

Just a thought. I enjoy reading about your travels...

Joe said...

I like videos, but they take up way too much space even when they're compressed. I like stills. They're more forgiving and much easier to tweak.

Earl Thomas said...

I prefer stills as well. 1. Because they allow me to enjoy the details and see what story it has to tell (Picture/Thousand words thing) and 2. I live out in the "Sticks" and therefore, I am still a dial-up guy; I have to pass over the links to videos whenever someone has one, it's just not worth the wait. I could get satellite, but I am on the fence as to whether I really want one of those dishes hanging off the side of the house.

I like to keep things simple.

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