Sunday, August 24, 2008

On the Road

I spied this pair which I assumed to be husband and wife on the road yesterday near Altoona, PA. She was on a Majesty. He was on something that I think had the word "wing" somewhere in the name, but I'm not sure of what it read and none of the pictures showed the name clearly.

I like this shot in particular, of the Mr. with the Mrs. in my rear view mirror. Another lucky shot; I was trying to get him going past me, and just happened to get her in the mirror too.

The Mrs...

Their helmets reminded me of the kind of headpiece you might see on a suit of armor. I've seen full face helmets with narrow chin bridges, but never something with such a substantial piece there. I think I'd feel claustrophobic in a hat like that.

They were both riding along at as close to 65 mph as I was myself and seemed to be cruising quite effortlessly. They made it look a lot easier than my own excursions onto the interstate have been. Though I can go 65+ comfortably on single lane roads out in the boondocks, a passing lane and tractor trailers put me right out of my comfort zone.


Kano said...

They have a lot of protection for their noggins but not much else! -The guy's scooter may be a Honda "Silver Wing". They are 580cc I believe and are billed as a "luxury touring scooter".

Paul said...

Looks like a Silver Wing to me. They are basically the Gold Wing's little brother. Both of those scoots are definitely maxi-scoots and well able to handle highway speeds and better.

You're right about their level of protection, but, quite honestly, I don't wear much better. I prolly should, but...I don't...course, my scoot is a 50cc, so it's in a slightly different class altogether.