Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

What can I say?  I've been busy since school started.  Yes, that same start that seems like not all that long ago.  I really hate the seeming distortion of time as I look forward to good days and dread the coming of the bad ones.  Every year I go back to work kicking and screaming, and then, in what seems not all that much later, it's Halloween, and then Thanksgiving, and then, finally, Christmas with it's vacation that's the longest one during the course of the academic year.  Three weeks after my return, two weeks from today, the second half of the school year will be upon us and I'll be counting DOWN the days till summer vacation.

I had to take advantage of yesterday's temperatures in the 60s so I took the bike out for a short spin just to be able to say that I did on December 22nd!

I'm hoping to see Carl and Megan and the rest of the scooter gang on New Year's Eve!

Merry Christmas!  And a blessed, happy, healthy New Year!