Saturday, August 16, 2008

Video Play

Just a little clip to toy with Blogger's video capabilities...

I'm not sure why I'm kind of anti-video on blogs though I suspect it's because overall I prefer a good book to a decent movie. I believe a blog is all about expression and in my case, at least, I know I can better communicate what's inside me by typing words or by showing a still image which defines a minute slice of my life through my own eyes. I think videos are greatly over used online, and when they're not original I feel cheated. I don't really want to visit somebody's personal site or blog to find mainly compilations of links to other peoples' dinky little movies. I want a blog to be like reading somebody's diary rather than being entertained by a D.J. or projectionist.

But, then again, they're just my two cents. Hold the butter on the popcorn please!


Marc said...

This is actually the first time I've seen video on a blog besides

Looks good, but I think your MSF instructor would reprimand you for not putting your feet on the floorboards after the scoot was properly in motion. :-P

I like the new animated .gif divider line too.

Lance said...

Great job on the video - you made a great entrance from stage right (or is it left?).

Fuzzygalore said...

///I want a blog to be like reading somebody's diary///

I so agree with you there! I love reading blogs that give you a little bit of insight in to the person behind the keyboard. I think real people moving through their everyday lives are endlessly fascinating. Thanks for sharing parts of your life with us :o)