Friday, August 8, 2008

Getting the Willies

I had been in somewhat of a philosophical mood this morning and was going to start this entry with something like...

Nobody (except a suicide in the works) wakes up in the morning and thinks, Today's the last day of my life. Somebody in a car is going to turn in front of my cycle and kill me.

The point I was going to make is that no matter how unaware we might be of making them, our choices ultimately put us where we are at critical junctures in our lives. How many times to hit the snooze alarm. How long to brush one's teeth. What to have for breakfast and whether or not to dawdle over the morning paper while eating it. All of the seemingly insignificant choices one makes throughout the course of day determine where he will be at any given subsequent moment. Two more strokes of the toothbrush over a molar can, later in the day, be a life or death decision that might have been made or not.

Anyway... That's how I was thinking of starting the day's post while I rode to The Home Depot to get some new filters for the Shop Vac. I won't be posting that entry today, though, because of what I saw when I parked behind a hearse in the parking lot. Read what it asks under the license plate! (Click on the picture if you need to enlarge it.)

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