Monday, August 11, 2008

Weather, or Not?

This might sound stupid, but I hate the weather. Okay, maybe not so much the weather itself as much as its unpredictability. Why sometimes does a dark looking, ominous sky not produce a single drop of rain while at other times a mostly sunny sky with one, stray dark cloud gives us a cloudburst? I don't pretend to understand it in the least and it drives me batty.

There isn't a thing I've done regularly in my whole life that depends on the weather like scootering does. While I've ridden in a spring shower and enjoyed the sense of freedom it afforded me, I've also ridden in a raging storm and felt endangered with limited visibility, the slick road surface, and the speed demon riding my tail.

What's the difference between isolated and scattered thunderstorms? Oh, I know. I can Google it, but for all intents and practical scootering purposes, will it make any real difference? A 30% chance of rain is still a chance and getting caught in it if it's a hard and fast one isn't any safer nor easier because its percentage was low.

I stayed at home the morning I snapped this picture earlier this week. I wasted the morning because not a drop of rain fell. If only there were an easier way to know if it's going to precipitate. I really don't think enough of our tax dollars go toward weather control!

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