Sunday, August 10, 2008

Environment Schmenvironment

I'll be the very last person ever accused by those persons who know me of having gotten a scooter to save gasoline. Sure I'm saving some money when I'm riding the scooter instead of taking the car to somewhere I have to go, but that's a perk. For every gas saving measure out there, there's a price, and the price of convenience or amusement to me is sometimes worth more than the cost involved or keeping the air nice and fresh. Would I want an electric car that can only go a few hours at a substandard speed before it would need to be recharged? I wouldn't take one if they were giving them away no more than I'd want to wipe my butt with newspaper instead of the stuff they sell specifically to do the job. And where's the logic of using electricity to power our rides when much electricity is still generated by burning fossil fuels?

Ours is the first generation in the history of the U.S.A., I think, which isn't doing better than our parents did in terms of purchasing power and being able to live as "rich" even if within our means. Frankly, I'm tired of being told that we're the ones who have to give up things that generations before us took for granted be it fossil fuel, benefits at the workplace, adequate police protection, butter applied liberally to everything edible, or the right to fill the air with whatever we want to fill it with. I don't mind protecting the environment and saving things or money if it's to my distinct advantage, but there are some trade-offs I'm not willing to make for the sake of the environment or future generations.

Most of my scootering is plain and simple joy riding. I take the scooter now and then for a quick run to the grocery store, but 95% of my being out and about on it is for the fun of it. I'm actually using MORE gas than I would be if I just stayed at home in the evenings instead of cruising up and down various lengths of the valley. Let everybody think I'm being conscious of the environment and brimming with civic responsibility. I'm having fun and apologizing to no one for using the gas or polluting the air. I pay for what I use. I'm going to use it until doing so is illegal rather than merely frowned upon by tree kissers, animal huggers, and Democrats who have some use for wilderness for its own sake.

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Paul said...


I for one, have a scooter because I've wanted one for years, but I could only convince my wife to let me get one after gas hit $3.50 a gallon.

I get a kick out of the Prius drivers who are obviously tree-huggers. I saw one with a tag that said "Greeen" on it. I about choked on my coffee. The energy used to manufacture a Prius far outweighs any benefit one might give to the environment. It's really quite funny how easily duped some people are.