Thursday, August 14, 2008

Red Hat Mamas

Wouldn't it be awesome if the Red Hat Ladies rode scooters to their outings? I'm thinking they could form a scooter group called Red Hat Mamas, perhaps.

I share admiration and disdain for the Red Hats. On the one hand, it takes guts to go out in public dressed a bit like a pack of clowns escaped from the circus. On the other hand, if a table full of 14 year old girls at a Red Lobster made as much noise as a gaggle of raucous, laughing Red Hats, they'd be admonished to shut up or asked to leave.

I have to admire a bunch of grannies who look as goofy as I do on my scooter - or maybe I'm just envious of their moxie.

A Halloween costume from a few years ago

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