Friday, August 22, 2008


If I headed to a bar on bike night on a scooter dressed like this do you think anybody would buy me a beer?

Unfortunately, I won't be doing that today. What I will be doing is taking my baby off to college and then spending the evening moping around and maybe crying a little. Her sister left yesterday to start an internship a few hours away. This is it. The empty nest. For as much as I said I looked forward to it through the years, now that it's here - I've changed my mind.


Marc said...

Don't worry, they'll be plenty of:

"Daddy, will you help me go car shopping."

"Daddy, could you help me go apartment shopping."

"Daddy, could you fix the clog in the kitchen sink."

"Daddy, will you walk me down the aisle."

"Daddy, you're going to be a Grandpa."

:) They may not live at home, but your girls will need you all the same. :)

Anonymous said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel. Dropped my oldest off at school (120 miles away) a few weeks ago. He's a junior at Troy University and I STILL get sad as I head back home.

My youngest is 17 and seems to be home less and less.... grrrrrrr.