Saturday, August 1, 2009

Was It Something I Said?

I was at Paul's Scootin' Fool this morning and followed one of his links that lead to another link to what would have been to me a new scooter forum. I went to register to become a user and got this in response.

Do I have a reputation as some kind of do-badder that precedes me for my e-mail address to be banned? Of course I can't contact any of the board moderators to ask why I appear to be banned from their board because one needs to be logged in to send a private message.* If it's simply a matter of them not accepting Gmail accounts, well, so be it. I'm not giving them (whoever they are) my "real" e-mail address and risk opening it up to spammers. I pride myself on having an ultra clean inbox which I can open at any time to find only letters from friends and family inside, and even they've been "trained" not to send me any forwards no matter how cute, touching, or pathetic the contents might be.

* (I did subsequently find an e-mail address for one of the board moderators through a link to another of his websites and I wrote to ask him about the ban. I'm still waiting for a reply.)

Both girls are home for the weekend and we spent a good chunk of today on the road. The elder, who has my sense of humor in particular, was predictably agreeable to posing for this shot with me while her sister took the picture.

While they shopped at the Steamtown Mall I visited the train yard. I love the trolleys in particular. It was on this very trolley line that my grandfather rode from Dunmore to Wilkes-Barre to court my grandmother almost 90 years ago.

I got in a short ride yesterday after supper when the rain stopped and the sun came out, but I haven't fired the scooter up yet today because we were out since around 10:00, and now it feels like nap time. I wish our culture had a built in siesta time. I know I'll be wishing that even more in a few weeks when I'm back to work.

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Doug K. said...

Banned from a scooter forum? There must a juicy story there somewhere!

Maybe you're the "bad motor scooter" Sammy Hagar sang about? Or maybe Sammy's impersonating you on-line?