Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rainy Sunday Recliner Ride

It's a dreary, rainy, all too humid Sunday here in Northeast Pennsylvania, and I'm thinking that all the riding I do today will be in the recliner in the living room. Thank heaven it's also a rocker because sitting still has never been one of my more admirable abilities; if I'm on my butt I prefer to be moving.

I've been a fan of the funnies since before I started kindergarten. My mom says that I taught myself to read by listening to the stories that my grandma read to me over and over again while I sat on her lap. Come to think of it, Grandma's favorite chair was a glider type. I'll bet I get my love of motion from those very times when she read to me.

My love of the funnies was fueled by a friend of my Grandpa's who worked at the local color press that ran the weekly comics for the Sunday paper as well as comic books. Every few weeks I got a new stash of comic books, minus the covers. Archie, Richie Rich, and Casper were among my favorites.

When I was away last weekend I ended up in a bookstore and was quite pleased to find a copy of Scoot! magazine in the racks. I'd never checked for it anywhere before, but since I was there passing time anyway I decided to see if they had one.

It's your typical magazine dedicated to a specific interest which means it's full of advertising and too many articles written for the kind of person who's still considering an initial purchase. Honestly, there's nothing in it for me as an experienced scooter rider who doesn't do his own maintenance and who isn't planning to buy a new scooter any time soon. It did, however, have a smokin' hot, curvaceous centerfold!

Woe is me even to be receiving AARP's bimonthly rag. When the father-in-law passed away five years ago we had his mail forwarded to our house so final bill paying and such could be accomplished without driving out of state. It took me about two dozen phone calls over the course of about a full year to get AARP to stop sending advertising crap on his name to our address.

I wanted nothing to do with AARP but the wife insisted on signing me up anyway for the occasional discounts. I've taken advantage of a few, and I did take a peek at the Springsteen article in this latest of their magazines. As for the steady stream of junk mail from their third party advertisers, I enjoy sticking the return postage paid envelopes in the mail and making the companies pay for the postage of having them returned without anything inside except for a folded up sheet of newspaper.

I hope the sun's shining where you park your scooter today, and that you're out making tracks. I'm heading back to the chair to see what SyFy's running.


Lance said...

Joe, thanks for a great post. There are times when I love having nothing to do on a Sunday, and catching up on my reading as you are doing. That's a hot little red number in Scoot magazine! Enjoy your day!

R.G. said...

Holy crap! SyFy,comics,motorcycles,and a dislike for AARP. You must be my brother from another mother.

Thanks for the nice comments on my blog.