Thursday, August 20, 2009

Early Start to My Last Vacation

Because of a fire in Scranton yesterday (and a longer story to it than I'd care to type) I was able to start my last little vacation for the summer two days earlier than I'd planned. The four hour drive went by quickly in spite of an hour's worth of travel on a secondary highways to escape a miles long backup and considerable delay because of construction on I-81.

I passed a small posse of bikes on the way out. I can't imagine where they might have been headed mid-day and mid-week but I hope it was to somewhere fun. (Forgive the point and shoot blindly through the windshield technique.)

This rock cut before Lamar would be a perfect setting for Verizon and AT&T to square off in a who has better service commercial. Sometimes I have a momentary lapse in service, and at other times I can sail through clearly. I wonder what makes the difference?

Not until I was too far from the house to turn back did I remember that I'd not changed from my riding boots into my sneakers. Not wanting to wear the boots with shorts all weekend I needed to get a cheap pair of sneakers to get me through. It was suggested that I hit up Georgian Place instead of just going to Wal-Mart as I typically do for cheap footwear. A large, stately inn looms over the shopping village and reminds me of something out of a Steven King novel.

I got a $64 pair of "dress sneakers" for $20 if you believe those little signs by the merchandise. I needed to get a size 13 because my usual 11 was terribly tight in this style. And why am I writing about shoes?

On Saturday we're off to a seafood party hosted by friends. Ninety pounds of snow crab. Forty pounds of shrimp. I forget how many pounds of scallops and how many dozens of mussels. Looks like I picked the wrong summer to watch my weight! Nah. I'm able to eat a little more at special times without killing my new overall habit of eating much less, so I'm doing well.

If I don't post again before then, I'll be back to the house on Monday just in time to help my baby pack her Jeep for her return to college. Till then, happy riding!

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