Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Mii

It was back in June, sometime after the 9th which was the hypnosis session that started me on the weight loss, when I first stepped onto my daughter's Wii to do the body test in "Wii Fit" and had it start tracking the pounds coming off. She'd created a Mii (Pronounced like "me." A distinct Wii character to represent one in the system.) for me in the past when I played some of the games with her, but I didn't develop an emotional attachment to the little guy until my first Wii Fit session.

There I am on the right, above the Start button. My name in the system is one of the best I have - "Daddy!"

Though I didn't get on the Wii every day, I did as often as I was here, remembered, and had the time to devote to doing the body test. I looked forward to the music as the system booted and the unique, simple melodies that Wii Fit played as it started up. Most of all, I looked forward to seeing Daddy Mii appear and felt a childlike sense of glee every time I saw him show up on the screen. He came to represent the progress I've made in dropping 25 pounds in the past two months.

English major types will have noticed by now that I've been using the past tense about my Mii and the Wii. My baby went back to college this morning and she took Mii off with her. I won't see my Daddy character again until maybe Christmas when the term will be finished. Of course I'm sad about my daughter's being gone again, but I'm a bit melancholy about Daddy Mii being gone too because I'm going to miss the ritual morning weighing ins that he and I enjoyed together.

(The super observant might have made note of the fact that my weight took a temporary upward swing in the past week. That was because of the Seafood Feast I attended this past weekend. I believe I sent a picture from it to the "What I'm Doing Now" links in the sidebar.)

There I am looking at the last date that's going to be marked on the calendar for quite a while. My whole morning routine will be different now until June and I'm going to miss most of all that my summer routine isn't a routine at all but a daily decision as to what I'll do and at what pace.

It was with an inordinate degree of sadness that I clicked on "End" this morning.

Here's hoping that the next time I see Daddy Mii he'll have dropped another 25 pounds or so!


cpa3485 said...

25 pounds in 2 months is fantastic! Congratulations! Is a Wii of your own in gne future? Hate for you to endure withdrawel symptoms!

Joe said...

With Wii's price fixing I'm not planning to get one any time soon. With any other piece of electronics the price would have plunged dramatically by now since Wii's release, but they continue to demand that retailers keep the price at $250. Not sure how they do that without it being illegal, but it's what they do.