Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Wanted that Why?

For many months I'd intended to work up the requisite ambition to build a camera mount for the scooter. Today the bug bit me - and, Eureka! There was the ambition gnawing at me as if I'd ordered it up on Ebay and paid extra for overnight delivery!

Because the BV has only the hand grips and no handlebars my only option would be to adapt one of the mirror mounts. I'd gotten some test tube clamps from a flea market last summer thinking that somehow one or more of them might come into play with making add-ons for the bike, and it was with one of them that I started this morning. Besides the ready made clamp, I added only a few inches of plastic plumbing pipe, a 1/4-20 nut and bolt, and a 10-24 nut and bolt. A quick blast with the heat gun and the plastic bent to the right angle and I was done. All that was left was to fire up the cycle and get shooting!

Shoot I did! One hundred fifty-two pictures to be exact. Every last one of them as nondescript and uninteresting as the one before.

I'm hard pressed to imagine what I'd expected to photograph with a camera mounted on the scooter. In addition to the photos, I shot a video that took me about a mile from the house and ate up about 100 million megs on the card, but what does one do with that? Feature it on YouTube? Trust me. It's as boring as the stills.

I suppose a camera mounted on the bike would come in handy if I were to happen to have it shooting video while I got into an accident or came upon a riot somewhere, but on a regular old day there's no practical use for it. Why didn't I see that?

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Doug K. said...

You made it farther than I did. I bought a camera mount three years ago and still have not used it.

I figured it would work well on some interesting road or another or perhaps to take pictures of other friends riding their bikes as I passed them or followed them.

Try playing with the camera angles to get something artsy or zip through a nudist camp snapping away before they can catch you.