Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Visit to Sheetz

I know I've mentioned before that I'm very loyal to companies that treat me well, and likewise don't often give second chances to those which do me any disservice. High on the top of my list of the good guys is Sheetz, a chain of gas stations slash mini-marts slash delis here in the northeast.

Their stores are clean, colorfully decorated, and well stocked with vittles of all sorts including made to order items. I can fill my huge Bubba Kegs with coffee, soda, or iced tea for a song and a dance, and after every five purchases the next drink is on the house - even a huge one! Best of all, though, the folks behind their counters are super friendly because they appear to enjoy working there which is much more than can be said for the typical checkout clerks just about anywhere else that I shop regularly. By their own description from the Sheetz website: "Sheetz is a family owned business. It's not a faceless corporation, but instead it's a personal passion of the owners and employees." I laud them for that passion that carries over to their customers.

I was in Altoona, Pennsylvania for a few days and because the Sheetz Corporate Offices are there I just had to drop by to get a few pictures. Here I am soaking up the sunshine in front of the Sheetz bat cave. It was a little nervy to walk right into the place just to check it out, but we did and met a couple of great receptionists who were most cordial.

Photo by Susan

Once inside I got to say hi to Bob, the Sheetz founder, in the lobby. He didn't talk much but it was nice to meet him just the same.

Photo by Susan

Free coffee always tastes better and I enjoyed this cup from the Sheetz H.Q. with smug satisfaction.

Photo by Susan

I got Susan out from behind the camera and behind the official Sheetz Hummer appropriately licensed as "YUMMER2." I don't know if there's a YUMMER1.

The cool office ladies gave us these nifty key chains to commemorate our visit.

The only thing better would to have been there on the BV instead of in the Neon.

No Sheetz in your neck of the woods? As their website suggests: "If you live in a state outside of our operating area, you may want to consider a move in the near future!" I wish they'd build more Sheetz stores right here in the valley. Perhaps one on my block!

If you ever look at the "What I'm Doing Now" in my sidebar, you'll have noticed that I've taken to including links to pictures sent from the road to Twitpic, the picture version of Twitter. It's easier to send pictures than to key in text descriptions of my whereabouts and more fun too.

As for now, the sun's shining. I'm off on the BV to destinations unknown. I'll know where I'm going when I get there.

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