Wednesday, July 8, 2009

All the Time in the World

My mom, dad, sister, and I lived with my grandparents till I was in the fourth grade and my parents built a new home. My grandpa was my first and in many ways my greatest hero ever. A lot of who I am was shaped by him, probably in some ways I don't even know. One way I do know, though, is in my hyper awareness of time and resultant neurotic punctuality. One of Gramps' favorite sayings was, "I'd rather be an hour early than a minute late," and I made it my own credo before I was even old enough to realize that I had.

I can't help but to be aware of the passage of time. My watch is like an albatross around my neck sometimes. On the few occasions when I've forgotten it on a work day, I've borrowed one from one of the kids to get me through. It's ironic that just yesterday I read on a website, "Tempus fugit, mors venit." I knew the "Tempus fugit" well enough, but I had to Google the "mors venit" part. It all reads, "Time flies; death advances." And so they do, with each tick of the clock.

I read somewhere two weeks ago that the point in time of 04:05:06 07/08/09 would pass by today. I set an alarm on my cell phone to wake me up this morning so I could be aware of the time going by. I got up, waited, and got a picture. When I sent it to my sister who's nearly as neurotic about time as I am, she reminded me that 12:34:56 7/8/9 would also pass by today. I set another alarm on my phone and waited. I held my breath and pressed the shutter release at precisely the right moment to get the picture. Though the 9 doesn't show in the date on my watch, I know it's "there." Another century will pass before this precise moment can be written once more in this form. Mors venit! None of us will be here to see this time come 'round again.

So much of time gets wasted in waiting. On a day like today I look at the sky, and I wait to ride...

Am I to trust the blue sky and white clouds on the lower right of the view from the backyard, or to be suspicious of the dark clouds to the left and above? And as I wait and wonder and procrastinate because I want to ride but don't have anywhere that I need to go, time marches by. Precious minutes that won't come ever again are wasted as I second guess the weather.

When I feel somber the passage of wasted time weighs heavily upon me. I think of some distant time when all I'll do most days is take stock of my life. I'll want these wasted minutes back then, but it will be too late.

How apropos that even the dashboard of my BV has a built in clock.

Live! Love! Ride like there's no tomorrow!


cpa3485 said...

I did think, momentariy, of 07/08/09 when I signed a tax form this morning, but didn't think to consider adding the minutes to the date. Thanks for the reminder. I know you may not appreciate old rock and roll tunes, but am reminded of the song by Styx "Too much time on my hands".

irondad said...

I'm a time freak, too. I have this clock in my head that is always within a minute of actual time. I have two clocks at home that tune into the atomic clock in Colorado. I observed both events but didn't think to take a photo. Pretty cool that you did.

I climb onto somebody else's bike and notice there's no clock. No clock? How quaint!!