Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stuff Du Jour

I've been parking the scooter more often on the sidewalks at strip mall type places and not getting bothered by anybody about it. Of course I'm careful to look for places where the curb is lowered for wheelchair access to get the bike up onto the sidewalk. I'm tempted to park sometimes in those large areas with diagonal stripes that are basically wasted space in parking lots. I do see some bikes parked there from time to time, but they seem more out of place than cycles on the sidewalks.

I got what I thought was an interesting shot of myself this morning after a patrol car pulled up behind me at a red light and the officer announced, "Sir, do you remember the definition of irony and poetic justice?" through the loudspeaker in his squad car. I laughed heartily and when the light changed to green I gestured for him to follow me and pull into a parking lot up ahead. The policeman is the same graduate of mine of whom I wrote in April and we spent another good half hour of chewing the breeze. I noticed the reflection of myself in his sunglasses and grabbed this shot...

I got myself a pie iron on my morning ride and will be trying it out in a little while. There's a big hunk of leftover ham in the fridge and an outstanding chunk from a wheel of cheddar that should make a good filling. I see some bananas hanging in the kitchen and perhaps a little later I'll mash one of them up and mix it with a little rum, brown sugar, and cinnamon to bake in another mountain pie as a Bananas Foster knock off for dessert.

I left the scooter on the street since this morning but haven't gotten back out to it yet. I'm pretty sure that I'll head off to Sheetz later to fill one of the Bubba Kegs with peach flavored green tea, and if the temperature doesn't drop back to chilly as it's been doing when the sun's low in the sky I do believe a ride of moderate length will be in order.

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Anonymous said...

A Pie Iron ! I certainly envy your summer time off LOL.