Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bagel Run

I'll be leaving tomorrow morning to deliver two dozen bagels to western Pennsylvania. The poor folks out there don't seem to have a ready source of pumpernickel bagels and it's my sworn duty to keep them supplied. I'll also be taking somebody precious from her vacation at Grandma's back to her Mom and if she and I agree on the music as we did when I brought her east a month ago, it'll be a very enjoyable trip.

The bagels were ordered from Wegman's - one dozen plain pumpernickel, and one dozen everything pumpernickel. It was requested that they be ready for noon. I got there about 15 minutes early and they were just coming out of the oven. You remember that I love punctuality? I was impressed with their right on time service!

When I was walking out of the store with the bagels and other things I picked up I was a bit concerned about them fitting into the crate. I don't estimate space very well. There was room for everything with room to spare!

Not only were the bagels fresh and warm from the oven, but they made it back to the house still warm. It 's unfortunate that they'll need to make the 250 mile trip tomorrow before some of them get eaten post haste. I can only imagine how good they'd be still warm from having just been baked.

Oh, I could snitch one without getting into too much trouble, but I'd be breaking my diet which is going very well. I love the avatar my daughter made for me on her Wii. I don't do the exercises, but I use it to track my progress with losing weight. I think the little guy looks a lot like me. Well, maybe except for the gray he doesn't have.

That's down from a high of around 250 lbs. about four weeks ago! I'm pleased with my progress.

I'll have 'net access out west and might drop by to moderate comments, but I probably won't write anything of substance till I get back on Monday around suppertime. Maybe I'll add some things to the "What I'm Doing Now" section in the sidebar and pretend this is Facebook and that there are people actually checking such things.

Enjoy the weekend!

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John McClane said...

You're doing better than I am on Wii Fit! My weight just keeps going up. But then I would definitely have 'borrowed' one of the bagels.