Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Take Me to the Fair

I've been away since Sunday and part of my time on the road was spent most enjoyably at the Bedford County Fair. As always, my eye was drawn to the more unusual things and my fingers reached for the camera in response when I spied them.

I liked this view of some piece of farm equipment that looked like so many sunflowers reaching for the sky. I imagine one of these things could figure prominently in at least one very gory scene from one of those movies where demented kids are way too much into corn.

The "Dick's Emergency Tattoos" ambulance cracked me up entirely even as I wished that I could be so clever as to think up an idea like this. I can't imagine what, other than too much alcohol, might inspire one to visit a county fair and come away with a tattoo. An emergency one at that!

Yes, ladies and gentleman, John Deere makes a tricycle perfect for hauling horse crap from the stall to the very big community pile. The little boy riding it was adorable, but what a job to have before even heading to kindergarten!

This charming family was watching the tractor pull where I saw the country version of a Zamboni grooming the dirt after each tractor did its thing. I wonder if he really rides a bike?

This shot reminds me of a lot of the things I read on the internet, none of them on scooter blogs of course.

And what post here would be complete without a picture of yours truly having as much fun as a barrel full of monkeys?

Photo by Susan

More photos from my blessed time away in the days ahead. (I was totally thrilled to visit the corporate headquarters of one of the companies I tout over there in the sidebar. Just wait till you see the awesome pics!)

How I wish there were places all over that rent scooters 'cause I'd love to have mine with me when I go to places too far (by my standards) to get to on it. I've thought about getting a trailer of some kind, but with a kid getting married in a few months and another still in college I'm lucky to get a pack of gum every now and then.


cpa3485 said...

So you apparently elected to continue putting your child through college and pay for a wedding rather than get one of those emergency tattoos. How selfish of you!
My daughter has one semester of college left and then we are done paying for the new wing at the education building there. Wondering what I will do with all that money. We have had kids in college for 11 years now.

Doug K. said...

I really like Susan's picture of you in front of the "barrel of monkeys" graphics. The only thing the would have been better would be if you were flexing a bicep and showing off your new tattoo! ;-)