Thursday, July 10, 2008

Spying BV250's Big Brother

I rolled into a parking space by the local Wal-Mart a few days ago when I was headed to get a printer cartridge refilled and in the next space was a Piaggio BV500 - the big brother to my BV250. I dismounted, snapped a quick picture of the two bikes beside each other, and headed into Cartridge World where the good folks determined that my cartridge was just a little dried or blocked and not in need of refilling at all. They cleaned it up, printed a flawless test page and sent me on my merry way free of charge.

When I got back to the bike I raised the kickstand and was just about to fire it up when I heard, "How do you like it?" from behind me. A friendly looking baker type from Nello's Pizza next door approached and after he introduced himself as Ralph we got into talking about the joys of riding the BVs.

I like it that scooters seem to be quite the conversation pieces. I've had many friendly chats with folks about the Fly and the BV, and now that gas prices are through the ceiling I get more questions more often when stopped at traffic lights and purchasing gas. I'm always happy to provide encouragement when people tell me that they're considering getting a scooter and I even carry cards to steer prospective fellow scooterites to Team Effort Cycle where I got my bikes and where the Schuler family is simply first rate in providing sales and service to satisfied and happy riders like Ralph and me.

A very congenial Ralph, who also got his BV at Team Effort, took a break from baking pizzas to discuss the finer points of scootering with me.

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