Monday, July 21, 2008

Friendly Bikers

Last year on the way back from a short family vacation to Woodstock we stopped at the Brotherhood Winery in New York. While we were there a bunch of boisterous biker types came rolling in on their big Harleys. For how they were whooping it up in the parking lot and on the grounds we all kind of rolled our eyes at each other and groaned when they got in line to take the same tour that we'd signed up for. We were quite surprised when the guide began the tour and the bikers all got quiet and paid attention. One of the guys in particular stood out because of the frequent, intelligent questions he asked the guide. I guess I'm revealing a kind of prejudice here because when I think biker I don't think doctor or lawyer who just happens to like riding a big bike on the weekends, but these guys were more like that than like the image of a biker I carried around in my head.

During a lull in the tour I approached the question guy. I explained to him that I had a small 50cc scooter at home and that my friends thought I looked hilarious on it. I asked if he thought some of his group would pose for a picture with me because it would crack my friends up even more. As soon as the tour ended and we were back in the lot he called together some of his bunch for the picture. They even dragged the guy with the sunglasses and lots of tattoos away from his sandwich to get into the shot with me, thinking it would make the photo even more funny - which it does.

My thanks to the Staten Island Chapter of the Harley Owners Group for this memorable photograph!

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