Tuesday, July 22, 2008

La Cucaracha!

I took French in high school so I don't know much Spanish, hence "La Cucaracha" to sound Spanish for the title of this entry. I calculated this morning that I've ridden the BV250 far enough to have driven from where I live to the west coast of Spain. Granted all that water between here and there would make such a trip a bit soggy, not to mention impossible, but it's a considerable distance to ponder nonetheless.

Yes, this is a really bad map, but I drew it freehand so as not to step on any real cartographers' toes.

Where have I ridden all those miles? Pretty much right here in my own backyard - the Wyoming Valley. In the evening you might find me heading north toward Scranton or south to Nanticoke on the back roads and byways. It's not getting anywhere in particular that accounts for most of my miles - they simply add up fast when I'm scootering about for no reason at all other than enjoying the fun of the ride.


irondad said...

I'm sure you've enjoyed the riding more in the Valley than going over the ocean to Spain. On the other hand, watching "The Cochroach" swim the seas could be entertaining!

Earl Thomas said...

It's amazing how quickly the miles add up, I average about 2000 miles a month between my two bikes, one of those time flies when you're having fun things.


Marc said...

I like the map! I know what you mean though about the miles. We have 55,000 on my wife's 2006 Altima and it has never been more than 90 minutes from home.