Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Can They Do That?

I'm writing this entry from the place about which I'm writing, a municipal park in Plains, Pennsylvania, a few miles from home. The entrance to the park is at the top of a hill, and at the summit before one might enter the park is a huge sign that reads as follows. (You might need to click to see a larger view in order to read the words - that part about motorcycles being prohibited.)

Could it be? Could a street legal, registered, licensed motorcycle be totally forbidden in a public park? Well, I didn't know, and typical of legislation of any sort, it seemed to be open to interpretation. There was the motorcycle clearly spelled out among the forbidden rides, yet it didn't seem quite right that a properly papered vehicle could be outlawed by a recreational authority. It was time to investigate.

I Googled the number for the municipal police, but my repeated dialings scored me either an answering machine or a busy signal. My next step was to pay a visit to the police station. That didn't pay off any better because a friendly fireman who's stationed at the same location told me that all of the police officers were out on the road. Because I've never been one to sit around waiting for anything I resorted to plan C which was to drive around some of the main streets in Plains to find a police car to pull over. It took me about fifteen minutes of cruising and having one police car elude me until I caught up with a patrol car with two officers in it stopped at a traffic light. I pulled up alongside them and asked if there was somewhere where we might pull over for me to ask them a question. They directed me a little farther up the road and finally I was able to talk to somebody who should be in the know.

Their answer was the one I'd hoped to hear - that a street legal bike is as welcome a means of conveyance at the park as any other such vehicle and that only off road bikes are verboten as per the sign. Thus I was able to add this relatively secluded and pretty location to my list of places from which I might write while the weather's still nice and I'm off for the summer.

Add to the pleasant surroundings the availability of an unsecured Linksys router running somewhere in the neighborhood and here I am, in business at the top of the hill enjoying the summer weather, the stirring view, the chirping birds, - the groan of the ATV engine that some kids are running through here. Wait a minute! They're riding all over the place on a quad and I worried about riding my bike in, parking it, and writing? Sheesh!

And another thing... Does any Recreational Board anywhere have the power to imprison somebody for breaking their little park rules?

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Steve Williams said...

Great post.

My guess would have been what you found out. Motorcycles are ok in the park as long as your are just coming like a car--get there and park.

I've found similar circumstances and parked my scooter in the shade of a tree, a place that a car would look out of place but the scooter was just like a glorified bicycle. No problems from anyone.

Looks like you found a really nice place to write. I search out those places too but I write on paper.

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks