Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Celebrity Scooter - Live and in Person!

Yours truly beside Duff Goldman's Vespa at Charm City Cakes.
[Photo by Edith]

My daughters watch The Food Network as if it were real TV. I can see watching it if one is interested in seeing how a particular culinary item is prepared, but to watch it for the sake of watching television? Hardly.

Anyway, one of the girls' hallowed shows on TFN is "Ace of Cakes" featuring master baker Duff Goldman and his crew of friends at Charm City Cakes who produce some truly amazing edible creations. When we happened to be in Baltimore over this past weekend to visit The Book Thing, the younger of our girls called my sister and asked her to Google the location of Goldman's bakery in relation to where we were at the time. It just so happened that Charm City Cakes was only a few blocks away, so after getting our fill of books we headed to the bakery.

The girls were tremendously excited to see the outside of the building. Goldman's bakery is locked up tight, like the impenetrable castle it resembles, with the windows even covered up lest one peer inside for a peek for which Charm City Cakes might not be able to assess a charge. Hours are by appointment only - with a $100 minimum to set foot inside Goldman's lair.

I'd have thought the visit a bust if not for getting my picture taken beside Goldman's Vespa scooter which was chained alongside his fortress of solitude.


malice said...

the windows are covered with gels so that the Ace of Cakes TV crew can film without everything getting washed out, otherwise there is way too much light.

it's not to prevent people from seeing inside. :)

bill mcallen said...

Link to Duff on his Vespa

Joe said...

Ummmmmm, Bill...

The link seems to be missing.