Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fall Down, Go Boom!

I've been riding for over a year now and I've laid down the bikes three times. Luckily, each time I was barely moving, but I didn't see the falls coming at all.

The most recent spill happened two days ago at an intersection. I came a little faster than I'd anticipated upon a stop sign and when my forward motion stopped, so did my balance which teetered for a moment toward the right before I knew I was going over. I reached down firmly with my right foot to steady the bike, but there was nothing there, and as if in slow motion I saw and felt myself topple with the bike completely over to the right.

The road on which I'd been traveling approached the other which was a perpendicular hill rising to my left. Apparently the corner at which I'd stopped was banked so as to merge the roadway with that of the hill and the slant at the corner was just too much. A day later I revisited the same spot and was careful to reduce my speed appropriately sooner and to stay more to the center of the lane, but if not for having had the experience of going down the day before I'd have done exactly the same thing. The road's just too slanted to stop there comfortably and remain securely upright.

I'm a little sore where my thigh hit the pavement but other than that, even though I'd been wearing shorts and a tee shirt, I didn't suffer so much as a scratch. The evidence on my helmet was a bit sobering, however. The scratches might have been on my noggin and might have been worse than just some scratches!

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