Thursday, July 15, 2010

With Love as Always

I wrote a few days ago about taking pictures and later figuring out why I took them.  Not so today when I came upon this truck and had to double back to where it was being unloaded to get this shot...

BIMBO!  I laughed audibly when I saw that emblazoned on the side of the truck.  In my first year in the classroom I was warned by the guy who ultimately gave the thumbs up on my hiring that there were a lot of bimbos in the class I'd be teaching.  He meant it, I'm sure, affectionately.  The girls in that class will be turning 40 within a year and have long outgrown their bimboish ways of wearing make-up like war paint and acting less smart than they actually were, but any time I hear or see "bimbo" I think of them - "with love as always" which is how the other words on the side of the truck translate.  It was the gentleman who was unloading the truck who snapped the picture with a chuckle for me at my request.  

Another shot was this simple reflection of me on the scooter in the side curve of a car next to which I'd parked to make a call.  It just looked kind of neat.

Mocanaqua, Pennsylvania, the turn-around point of today's ride found me beside the same railroad tracks that run right behind my house and connect Canada to many points south on the east coast.

And although I didn't happen to catch the roll over on the odometer, I crossed the 9,000 mile mark on the BV!  It's going to be fun to add that next digit, hopefully by the end of the summer if the weather cooperates!

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