Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Keeping an Eye Out

Wilkes-Barre City has never, in my humble opinion, done anything great in my lifetime.  The latest boondoggle - surveillance cameras all over the city and people who are paid to watch their live feeds.  I don't really care whether big brother is watching or not; I'm not out there doing anything about which I need to worry.

The claim is that the cameras will enable the police to (insert specific wish for the police to do their jobs here).  For every police car on patrol there's another one sitting in a lot near Wilkes-Barre Blvd. or across the street from Abe's Hot Dogs on South Main Street.  Skip the cameras and demand a visible presence and reasonable response time from the police.

The city opened its new intermodal center this morning.  Sorry for being a stick in the mud, but to me "intermodal" suggests something much more grand than a place for buses to board and discharge passengers.  Get some light rail into the city that might take passengers to interesting places that are worth visiting and we'll discuss the nomenclature.  A bus stop given a pretentious name is still just a bus stop and I'm sure the old ladies who ride the county buses up and down the line to visit their cronies aren't going to call it "the intermodal center" no matter what the signs say.

The bank next door, however, has a cool camera in place next to the drive-up teller windows.  There I am on the monitor perched on the scooter and taking my own picture.

A short hop across the border took me into Wilkes-Barre Township where all the real action is.  The mall and that strip that every medium city and bigger has with their Applebees, WalMarts, every cell phone carrier in the country, and other chains aren't in the city but in the adjacent township.  

Look at that pretty scooter frolicking under the sprinklers at Cracker Barrel!  On a hot day like today, it's just what every little scooter needs.

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