Saturday, July 24, 2010

Highway Tax Dollars at Work

Hats off to the genius who decided that the sinks, urinals, and toilets in select Pennsylvania rest areas need to be given "names" as it were. Here's our trusty buddy Men's Urinal #3 waving hello with his single silver finger.

And good ol' sink #5 lends his mirror to the production of this jazzy shot of yours truly.

Our governor keeps appealing to the Fed to allow Pennsylvania to make I-80 into a toll road and here we have an apparent surplus of highway funds which allows somebody to earn a living in part by stenciling identifying numbers onto walls above porcelain fixtures. My only guess is that this would allow some plumber, who is barely literate to find the crapper that needs to be fixed. I'm not sure why he wouldn't be able to find it, for example, by looking for the long puddle easing its way to the floor drain, or listening for the one that won't stop flushing. Nope. He'd need to be told, "Go in and fix MT2." I suppose this is to spare us from paying to fix the toilet that isn't broken?

I'd truly like the name of the person who decided that these numbers need to be painted so I can personally thank him for his brilliance. I'll bet he's a good buddy of the same guy who decides that 20 miles of highway need to have barrels blocking a lane so work can be done on 30 feet of the actual roadway.


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I don't know how they get away with the barrels in PA. I was a highway construction inspector in New York and people were paid for those things on a daily basis. As such they were taken down at the end of each day unless there was some compelling reason to leave them up.
I've been through PA on weekends and seen miles of barrels that were up for no good reason, slowing down traffic, and wondered who's getting the money.