Sunday, July 25, 2010

Easier to See on a Bike

There are certain things that by virtue of their simple position in the universe are much easier to spot when you're out on two wheels than on four or more.  One, for example - the elusive flat squirrel which is all too easily camouflaged against the pavement when you're traveling at a moderate speed and there's a full hood blocking your line of sight to the shoulder of the road.

Another example can be found in just about any sky because there's no roof over your head to obscure the full effect of what the heavens have to offer at any particular moment.  I was much more mindful of this when I first started riding the scooter and realized that I didn't have only the panorama before me that could be seen through a relatively small rectangle.  I can't claim always to appreciate the amazing view above when I'm on the scooter, but when I'm conscious of it I'm always thankful for the opportunity to savor it as I couldn't in the car.

Finally, there's that view of one's own soul that's uniquely visible when you're out on a cycle.  Sometimes it's a joyful sight.  Sometimes it's as ugly as sin.  But it's stark in being utterly without pretense.  Somehow when you're rolling along on two wheels and you're pondering the significance of your existence and evaluating choices you've made, you find it impossible to lie to yourself.  Though it's scary, it's also refreshing and relieving to confront yourself in all honesty.  Therapy?  Confession?  Exorcism?  Sometimes, all it takes is a good ride.

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