Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Little Rain Didn't Stop Me

I woke up to rain this morning. The forecast on Yahoo and the Doppler radar image from the local TV station promised more of it. I went riding anyway! After not having had the BV for a week it would have taken a deluge to have kept me in the house. Okay, so I only rode for an hour because there were groceries to get and put away, a tux to rent, two pans of lasagna to start, and a pot of chicken soup to get made, but ride I did! For the record, I usually stay off the bike when it's raining not because I'm wary of riding in it. I just don't like to be cold and wet.

As in the winter when there's a break from the snow and other slippery stuff and I can sneak out for a ride, today's excursion was extra good because of the involuntary hiatus while the bike was in the shop. I didn't go far nor to anywhere particularly exciting, but it felt darned good to be out and about on two wheels again!

There was a decided seasonable chill in the air and I enjoyed it. Though the leaves aren't quite changing en masse yet there were a few patches of early changers that delighted me. Strangely, the sight of the empty parking lot at one of the municipal parks that I frequently haunt in the summer filled me with a certain glee as it sunk in that Fall is surely just around the corner.

Tomorrow is part of family weekend at the college and the trip out to see the kid will take up most of the day so there won't be much riding. During the week, if I'm lucky, the weather will allow me to ride to school and back most days. Next weekend, I'll be on the road out west again. The weekend after, though, ought to be a good one for a longer trip - maybe my last one before the drear of pre-winter starts to visit. For not having gotten on a cycle till my late 40's I'll always feel like I have so much time to make up for. I'll take what I can get when I can!


kz1000st said...

It's good to see you're rolling again. A soloution like bad gas has to be a first. Riding in the rain is an acid test. If it was a bad wire connection or sensor the scooter surely would have taken the time to let you know and started to run badly again.

irondad said...

I agree with the not liking to be cold and wet part. However, that aversion is quickly overshadowed by the withdrawal from riding. So I have to ride in the rain or I would never ride for most of the year.

It's a good thing that basket on the back has holes in the side or it would fill with water and throw off your balance. Did you plan it that way? :)