Monday, September 28, 2009


By now I really ought to know better and dress in one layer more than I think I'm going to need when I go out riding in the evening at this time of year.  It's my third Autumn on two wheels and I should remember that it gets colder than I think it's going to when the sun starts setting, but I don't.

I left the house after supper in a flannel shirt with the temperature in the mid 60s.  A few miles out I had to stop to button the sleeves and by the time I decided I needed to turn around and start making my way back I knew I should have brought a jacket along.  I kept my fluorescent yellow/green one under the seat until the last repair run and never put it back in there after the bike came back.  Guess now with the smell of wood fires in the air I'll think twice about my invincibility to the temperature.  Or maybe I won't and continue to pretend that Summer's still with us at least in spirit while chattering my teeth along the way.


bobskoot said...


I think fall has settled in. I had to put the liner back into my riding jacket. Only 3 weeks ago we were still sweating in the relentless heat of summer. How fast our fortunes change

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

cpa3485 said...

Sort of in no man's land clothing wise right now. Cool in the mornings, but warm in the afternoon. Hard to find the right combination of clothing. I too have put in one of my liners and have new gloves also.

Conchscooter said...

It clipped 82 degrees the other morning. I was glad to be wearing my waterproof liner to keep the sprinkles out. Fall is everywhere.