Friday, September 11, 2009

Let's Try Again

I wasn't a happy camper this morning when I sat in a lawn chair right where the BV should have been parked, sipping my morning coffee and yakking on the phone. It had been six days ago (Okay, counting the weekend and holiday, so it had only really been three working days.) when I dropped it off at the shop and having endured day after day of "Sorry, nothing yet," my patience had run so thin that it only had one side. I wasn't really mad at the folks at the garage. I was more angry with the bike itself for giving me grief and then refusing to duplicate the problem when it was in the right place to be fixed.

When I had spoken to Jennifer yesterday, she was as frustrated as I was. They'd had it out a number of times and had put a few good miles on it hoping for it to stall as it had for me, but try as they might they couldn't get it to do the rough idling and stalling at all. All Jennifer and I could come up with is that maybe I'd managed to get a bad tank of gas so I asked her to have the guys drain the tank, clean out the carburetor and refill it with fresh gas. When I talked to her at lunch time today, she told me to come and get it which I did after school in spite of the slow but steady rain that was falling.

I was wet when I got back to the house, but it was a good wet because my baby was back. and she had purred all the way back from the shop. It took about three hours on the road last week after picking it up before the trouble had started again so I'm still not sure that I'm out of the woods, but when I get the chance and it stops raining I'll put it through the paces and see what's up. Meanwhile I'm happy enough just knowing it's out there under the deck where it belongs.

Who was it in the comments who had suggested bad gas? I don't remember, but I'll have to think of a suitable prize for that road scholar.


Doug K. said...

Glad you got your scooter back! Funny how empty the garage can seem when the vehicle of choice is missing.

I think I win the prize for suggesting that is was bad fuel. If the problem comes back though it was probably someone else.

As a matter of practice and since the scooter is pretty fuel efficient you should try buy your gas at the name brand gas stations as they are more likely to be selling fresh fuel and keeping their pumping system serviced. An extra 30 or 40 cents for a tank full is cheap insurance against bad gas.

Every time I find myself forced into buying cheap gas at some no name station because there is no other choice I fret about the fuel until the next fill-up.


kz1000st said...

As Paul pointed out to me, your scooter has fuel injection so, at worst, you might have a gummed up injector. The bad gas solution looks more probable all the time, but I always worry about wires being loose when a motor suddenly behaves erratically. Hopefully you're in the clear.

Joe said...

My model was NOT made with fuel injection. I believe they switched to fuel injection the year after.