Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunday Driver

Our weather forecasts on Yahoo have been looking like winning slot machine displays with the RAIN symbol showing day after day after day. The mere threat of the slightest possibility of rain and usually I keep the scooter grounded, but yesterday, in spite of the threat of scattered showers I went out anyway. It was too nice a Sunday to waste by not riding. I didn't go anywhere in particular, just hanging around the valley proper so I could skedaddle back to the house relatively quickly if the sky started to look like a preface to Armageddon, but I put a fair number of miles under the tires just bopping from usual place to usual place.

I paused at the mall to get this candid shot of the BV playfully hiding among the posies.

Loving all things railroad I couldn't pass by the opportunity to check out some of the machines they use to maintain the right of way. Most of them looked futuristic once upon a time, but now that the future of my boyhood is upon us, they're just machines however unusual they might appear. This one's a tamper that they're using on the local shortline to tamp the ballast - the gravel that holds the ties in place in most places.

I hope I don't look like the alien I resemble in this reflection when I'm actually riding. I like pictures of me on the scooter, in theory, but some of them don't turn out quite as I envision them.

Alas! Sunday is over and the work week is all over me. Granted, it's the last one for this academic year and after Friday I'll be free, but it's going to be the longest work week of the year in anticipating the vacation. Yes, after about two weeks off I'll be wishing I was back here.

It seems that much of the good in life is in anticipating the good itself. That's one of the great things about scootering. It affords me the opportunity to appreciate the good when I have it in my grasp instead of looking only toward future enjoyments.

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cpa3485 (JIM) said...

I think it's a decent reflective picture. Have tried to do that myself, but with little luck. I once tried it at a bank drive up window that had a convex mirror. It is one of my long term quests.
Good pictures.