Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! No! It IS a Bird!

I want a do-over with a camera at the ready... My daughter and I were scootering up a twisty on the other side of the river this afternoon when, all of a sudden, something the size of a bowling ball started moving to my left and then took flight - directly into my path. With lumbering wings and seemingly handicapped flaps of them, it flew right in front of us from the shoulder on the other side of the two lane road, apparently struggling to get its bulk higher above the pavement and to the other side. If we hadn't ducked and if I hadn't swerved just enough it would have banged one of us in the head, and without sufficient momentum to have killed it, had we hit it I think I'd have had a panic stricken wild turkey clinging to the back of my neck, flapping its big old wings wildly in my kid's face. Nope. It wouldn't have been pretty. I regret not having a picture of this scenario to post here.

Instead, some wild roses from the garden off the deck...

And the area that the dog used to use to do its business, seeded and covered with burlap to keep the crows from picking the seeds out.

I think I made clever use of the snow shovels that haven't been taken indoors yet.

Happy June! Only five more school days!!!


Lance said...

Beautiful pics, and I like your snow shovel collection!

cpa3485 said...

Glad the bird didn't get you. Love the pic of the roses.
Like Lance, I am equally impressed with the display of snow shovels. I count 7. We have 2 at our home. ?????