Friday, June 26, 2009

Thunder in the Valley - Johnstown PA

(The link to the 2011 rally is here.)

So there I was for a good chunk of the day yesterday in Johnstown, PA for the annual motorcycle rally, with my Neon. It's three and a half hours from the house via the interstates - God knows how long by the backroads and byways. There's major tractor trailer traffic on 80 and 99 and having spent some time on 81 back near the Valley alongside and in front of the rigs I'm not going to subject myself to the hair raising experience of being passed by or followed by semis for a few hours to get anywhere.

It was, in a word, awesome to see so many bikes, about 99% of them Harleys, all lined up along the downtown curbs and being ridden all over the place. There are all sorts of vendors in center city and along the outskirts hawking bike related wares. I got a cool tee shirt, souvenir mug, and a Biker Billy cookbook along with some other odds and ends. Biker Billy is amazingly friendly and I got a picture with him that I'll dig out of the camera and post here when I get back to the house along with some of the other good photos that aren't only in my phone.
I'll be here for a few more days and might visit the rally again. You can check the new "What I'm Doing Now" gadget in the sidebar for updates on my weekend vacation.

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