Monday, June 29, 2009

Last Pics from "Thunder"

(The link to the 2011 rally is here.)

After the big flood in Johnstown in the late 1800s the Cambria Iron Company developed a new community for its top dogs high above the flood plain, atop the mountain that forms one of Johnstown's valley walls. From that peak in Westmont one can see all of Johnstown laid out below. We drove up to Westmont on Sunday afternoon hoping to see the town as full of bikes as it had been on Friday afternoon. The view was disappointing in terms of bikes although as breathtaking as always. Most of the bikers had already taken off, but a number of vendors remained.

We rode the Neon down on the inclined plane that links Westmont to Johnstown below. I'd ridden the plane before, but not with the car and it was totally cool taking the car from top to bottom.

Once back in Johnstown we walked around and visited some of the vendors' tents and checked out some of the bikes that were still there.

This Gold Wing was phenomenally air brushed with various scenes from the Bible.

I can't imagine how the guy who rides the red low rider keeps his pipes off the ground over a bump.

This trike was just amazing to look at. I'm surprised that things like this are still street legal. I wonder how they draw up a title for a cycle that's customized so much.

And here I am saying goodbye to Thunder in the Valley 2009 in Johnstown. Maybe some year I'll visit on a bike instead of in a car!

Photo by Susan

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