Monday, June 22, 2009

Death by Butt

When I dismounted the BV to gas it up yesterday I was horrified to see this on the saddle...

It wasn't so much that I'd dismembered (Yeah. That's a leg up top.) the little sucker and squashed him almost to death (He was still twitching a bit till I dispatched him with a flick and a boot stomp.) as it was the realization that if I'd aligned myself on the seat differently when I sat on him he might have jabbed the business end of his stinger through my pants right where a sharp, sudden pain might have caused some panicked scooter instability. All I could guess was that he landed on my pants while I was off the bike making a phone call before I headed to the gas station, and that he didn't have the sense to take off fast when he saw that he was about to be pressed against a hot piece of vinyl.

I solved the problem of not being able to set up a tripod fast enough by getting this one which has telescoping legs that don't require the opening and closing of latches. I can keep an old digital camera mounted to it all the time and carry the whole assembly in the crate on the back of the scooter.

Now you'll be able to see even more of me in my shots of the cycle here! (I knew you'd be thrilled!)

If it weren't right up there with pirating music I'd paste in the Yahoo weather symbol for "Mostly Sunny" which is on tap for tomorrow. Instead this view of the BV peeking out from under the deck, all eager and ready to roll out under sunny skies in the morning. Here's hoping it'll be perfect scooter weather in your backyard as well!


Doug K. said...

Glad the bug didn't get you. Had a bee get up under my face shield once long ago when I wore a fixed bubble shield. Did you know you can't back up inside your helmet to get away from a bee?

Just noticed you were kind enough to add my blog to your blogroll. Thank you kindly. I have reciprocated.

Ride safe.


Anonymous said...

I'm still laughing at the tittle.

Ride on,