Monday, June 24, 2013

Godspeed, Robin

I met David and Robin Doughtery two summers ago when DIS (Disorganized Individual Scooterists) hosted its first Not a Rally Rally at a local campground. For being around my own age, they were a cute couple, obviously made for each other, and noticeably in love.

Last year, through Facebook, I learned that Robin was battling cancer.  I thought she'd been doing okay after treatment.  Then on Ride to Work Day David posted this...

I rode Robin Dougherty 's 1987 Honda Helix to work today for Ride to Work day with her new license plate on it. She purchased this new in 1987. How many 26 year old one owner vehicles do you know of?  I just wish she could enjoy it one more time. ; {

I quickly wrote to a mutual friend only to learn that Robin had but a few days left in this world.  Robin lost her battle last week and was laid to rest today.  On Facebook this morning, David posted this loving tribute to his wife.

Farewell, Robin!

May the angels lead you into paradise;
may the martyrs come to welcome you
and take you to the holy city,
the new and eternal Jerusalem.

May choirs of angels welcome you
and lead you to the bosom of Abraham;
and where Lazarus is poor no longer
may you find eternal rest.

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