Saturday, June 14, 2014

Worth Every Minute

So, after all my carrying on in recent weeks about the end of school coming and my looking forward to closing up the classroom and hitting the road, have my first few days of being off been worth all that hoopla?  Yep.  Every last minute!  I've been away from the house since I got out of school on Thursday at about 10:30 AM (It's now Saturday, two days later.) and I won't take to the scooter again till Monday at which point I hope to address the joys of scootering here more often.  In the mean time, though, a few views of me and some of the enjoyable things I've taken in since I escaped from work.

To celebrate my first full day of summer vacation I planned to breakfast at the Arlington Diner in Stroudsburg, PA.  I had breakfast there last year on the day after I got out of school and hoped to recreate the great feeling of freedom I remembered from last year.  It worked!  I couldn't have planned a better way to start the first full day off!

As you can see I've been having a blast taking pictures with the new camera I got on Wednesday as an early Father's Day gift.  Oh, how good it feels to have back the same model that died on me four years ago!

I'll never understand the folks who try to hide or block their faces with their hands when they see a camera pointed in their directions.  I'm always happy to be in a pictures just as much as I like to be the guy behind the lens.

I hope this summer moves by about as quickly as this little guy was walking when I stopped to get his picture!

See you from two wheels soon!

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