Monday, June 16, 2014

Precisely Nowhere

Today was my first day back at my own house since school got out last week, and I'm glad it was a nice day because I really wanted to get on the scooter and go.  Where?  Nowhere in particular.  And that's exactly where I went.  Sometimes I take forever thinking about in which direction I'll point the yoke, and other times the front tire just seems to grab the pavement and take over.  This was one of the latter times with no internal debate about where to roll.  I just went.


It was all very familiar territory through which I rolled, and it was one of those kinds of days when I just felt like waving at everybody I passed by as they seem to do out in the boonies whether or not they know the folks they're passing on a ride.  Mind you, I didn't actually do that, but my spirit felt like it which counts for something I suppose.

It was a good day to be out and about.  There weren't too many cars on the longer stretches which makes for pleasant scootering at a pace which allows one to slow down and savor the sights and smells.  Although I've been scootering for seven years now I still get such a thrill when I can smell grass that's just been cut or goods being made at a bakery, to name just a few of the smells that can be savored on two wheels in a unique way.

 I wasn't out too long because I felt my forearms getting just a little tingly in the hot sun and didn't want to risk a burn, but I was on the road long enough to have grabbed a big handful of summer vacation and stuffed it into my smiling maw.

Coming down the alley to the roses in full bloom was the icing on the cake.  Where to tomorrow?  Maybe a different precisely nowhere!

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