Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This Had Better Be My Last Cell Phone Post

I'm not feeling terribly guilty about posting off topic because the weather's been crappy since the weekend and promises to be the same for some days to come.

I woke up yesterday with an indescribable feeling of dread. I guessed that I'd been dreaming about something unspeakable right before I awoke - so horrible that my conscious brain wouldn't allow me to remember it though my subconscious wouldn't let go of the associated horror. I walked around all day looking over my shoulder and feeling agitated and somewhat fearful for no reason that I could put a finger on at all except for believing that it had to have come from a dream. By the time I got out of work I knew I needed to do something positive to shake the awful mood - like get a new cell phone.

The rugged phone I looked at a while back when the wife and girls were upgrading theirs was the Samsung Rugby. It was on the market before the Motorola Tundra premiered and it looked like a good, substantial phone. The only things that turned me off to it originally were its proprietary charger/data/headset interface, and the fact that Samsung's keys wouldn't be as similar to the Motorola V365 that I was so accustomed to using. That and the less than nine hours of talk time to a charge, but no other phone in the world seemed to be able to outdo the V365 on that. And so, on Monday after work, I got myself a Rugby. For a few dollars less than I'd paid for the Tundra alone I got the Rugby, a bluetooth headset, a car charger, a 4 Gig expansion card, and a case, and I'll be getting two hefty rebates from AT&T.

I used it last night and all day today and I'm 80% used to it already. I was able to find a headset adapter that allows me to use all of my old wired headsets and a USB data cable at great prices. For now, I'm more than satisfied, and if I get as much quality out of this as I did from the V365 I'll be totally happy.

It was a decided bonus that the Rugby has a sturdy metal loop on the back. I was able to keep the string and bead that I had on the V365 to make it easier to remove it from its holster. The Tundra had no point of attachment for a strap of any kind, and that was another disappointment. I wanted to keep the string from the old Motorola as a reminder of the great times we'd had together. Yeah, I'm an old softie like that.