Sunday, May 24, 2009

Post From the Road

It's Sunday morning before church and I'm trying to get some miles in because thunderstorms are on tap for this afternoon.

It's peaceful down by the lake, and there are some nice twisties on the road that brings me here. Both the ride and being here are just what I needed this morning to clear a head that's too often fuzzy. Through I grumbled at first because I prefer to attend the early Mass, I'm glad the later one was suggested for today.

I remember being in this spot half a lifetime ago, when the girls were still in elementary school. I took a picture of them right here by the boats. Sigh!

Too soon it will be time to head back and hit the shower in time for church, yet I want to linger here, maybe until I get Alzheimer's so I can believe that they're still my little girls and that we still have many more years to frolic at places like this.

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Anonymous said...

A ride before church? How great is that!!! Was the service even more meaningfull after experiencing this mental head-clearing?