Thursday, April 30, 2009

Seen in My Travels

I was in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania two weekends ago and saw this little fellow outside an antique place.

It's an honest to goodness moped, complete with pedals, and just look at that stylish crate on the back end! What surprised me was seeing the license plate on the back end. I didn't think a moped needed to be licensed here.

On a back porch next to another antique mall kind of place, I found this Piaggio MP3.

With their two front wheels they remind me of freaky insects of some sort. I wouldn't mind taking one for a spin just to see how it handles and what the added stability feels like.

CBXMAN's showroom is only about a half mile from where I work and they're having a scooter show this Saturday featuring stunt riders, test rides, giveaways, and food and drink. I'm not in the market for anything in particular, but I figure I'll check out their little scooter carnival if the weather's nice enough. I might have bought my first scooter from them, but it was a Monday, I was ready to buy, and they were closed on Mondays back then. I'm glad it worked out that way because they don't sell many bikes whose name brands are familiar to me and I loved the Fly50 as much as I do the BV and the great service provided by the great Schuler family at Team Effort.

Our baby got home from her first year of college today, took one look at the bike, and said in a cutesy voice, "There seems to be an ugly old crate in MY place." She got a huge smile out of me when I assured her that it detaches in an instant and that her place is totally safe and sacred. I fear that the summer's going to fly right by. I hope it doesn't!


bobskoot said...

Ahh, that's nice . . .

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Baron's Life said...

Guess we found one person who doesn't like that old plastic crate on the back seat.