Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Just for the heck of it I checked to see when the annual Ride to Work Day would be this year only to find that it's on the first official day of my summer vacation - the Monday following our last school day. I wonder why they designate such a day annually. Don't most folks with bikes ride to work when they can? Okay, if it's a long commute on a road that's outside of somebody's comfort zone I'd understand taking the car rather than the cycle, but do the vast majority of motorcyclists not ride their bikes to work? Why not?

Admittedly, I take my car when I deem it too cold or if there's precipitation falling or in the forecast, but other than on those days I ride the scooter to work. It fits right next to Katie's car in the lot, in a space that's not even a space, and it's closer than my designated spot is to the door. (I find it curious that every time I don't use my regular space some visitor or another always manages to occupy it.)

I'm hoping that it won't be until I retire and I'm that old man welcoming you to Walmart that I'll be able to ride the BV to work on Ride to Work Day because if I do it before then it'll likely mean that we had a horrible winter that added days to the end of the academic year. In the mean time I'll be sure to be out and about riding on the third Monday in June just to exchange the wave with all the guys and gals who are on their ways to work on two wheels.

And can anybody explain the point of Twitter? I created an account there yesterday only to play with it for two minutes and think, "Huh?" Why would anybody want to report to the whole world what they're doing at every point in time? Even the persons I love the most don't expect a running account of what I'm doing so why would anybody else?

"I'm going to the bathroom at McDonald's.
It's a number two. I'll be a while."


Paul said...

Of course you already know I'm a little crazy, but I enjoy riding so much that I can't really imagine not taking any opportunity to ride that arises. I know plenty of folks who ride only when it's convenient. I guess the life of a crazy rider just isn't for them.

Drake said...

Ahh yes, twitter. It can be used for a running update of what you are doing. Some people use it for that.

Some people use it as a newsfeed where you can give snippets of information and/or links to interesting articles you found.

My favorite internet radio, Pandora, has a twitter account. The person running it has suggestions about stations and artists to try out. She is personable and it is fun to read her comments on some artists and types of music.

I use it as a running tab of comments on my current projects at work. Like this report gave me a bunch of trouble but I found this article helpful in fixing it.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.... "twitter"...rhymes with ??? Based on your intended posing, Maybe that's how the site got it's name?