Sunday, February 1, 2009

Welcome February!

I'm starting to get a burning itch to be back out on the scooter and temperatures don't stop me. It's this bloomin' snow that keeps falling every time what's on the ground seems like it's going to melt away. We're in that vicious pattern where the sun's warmth starts to melt the snow by daylight but then the night's freeze works its nefarious magic to remake the thaw into sheets of ice while I'm asleep.

The streets themselves are passable in most areas within a day or two of new wintery precipitation. The alley alongside the house which I need to travel to get the bike to the street is the problem with the repetition of thaw and freeze. Because of the angles of the concrete sidewalk panels it's impossible to clear the snow down to bare surface with the snow blower, and there's no way I'm going to shovel it all. So, I'm stuck under the deck where the scooter's safe from the worst of what winter usually dishes out, but stuck is the operative word there.

I'm hoping and praying for one of those February thaws when we get about a week or so of spring temperatures before the rest of winter comes back to play out what remains of its fury. Even a few days of being able to ride will satisfy the urge and help to ease the cabin fever.

It's Super Bowl Sunday and I'm posting this from a place that's about an hour's drive from Pittsburgh. I'm in Steelers' country but I'll be making the four hour drive back in time for the game. (Steve, if you feel a wave when I'm passing through, that'll be yours truly!) Since the Eagles didn't make it, yeah - I'll root for the "other Pennsylvania team." I'll just have to make sure that all of the die hard Eagles' fans don't find out. I was at a Chinese New Year's party last night. They were serving "Cardinal" instead of cat. That's those Steeler's fans for you!

Go Steelers!


Steve Williams said...

I feel your pain...

The weather this weather has been relentless in providing just enough bad stuff to keep the scooter in the garage. Seems like there are only brief hour long windows of opportunity.

I suppose it will get warm soon enough.

Have a safe trip back. Don't eat too much cardinal!

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

Baron's Life said...

Same here in the Pacific North West. WE're all itching for improved weather.
Hang in there.

D. Brent Miller said...

We'ge got ice here in Cincinnati, too. Yesterday, it warmed a little--enough for me to go out and break up all the ice on the driveway and sidewalk and then shovel it off, but it's still not good enough to take the bike out on the streets.

Hopefully, Spring will arrive soon.


irondad said...

That picture of ice in the alley isn't funny at all. Yikes! Do what you have to do. We understand.

Anonymous said...

Cough, cough, ummm, yeah I feel your pain too. I only got to ride for a few hours last Saturday before it got too cool and chased me into the garage (Sarch bolts for the door).

Lance said...

The walkways looks pretty treacherous there! The Steelers played a great game, it was a very exciting Superbowl, and it was great to see "The Boss."

Frank said...

The four of you should join me in Cali, weather's fine for scooter riding. Been riding mine every day :)

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Orin said...

The weather pattern in Seattle lately has been overnight lows near freezing, fog in the morning, sun and temperatures in the mid-40s F during the day. I'm able to take one of the scoots out at least every other day. I can't do anything long-distance, at least not at reasonable comfort level. Soon...

Scootin' Old Skool