Thursday, February 26, 2009

Do I Dare?

Once again my total ignorance of the internal combustion engine finds me posting a question that I hope somebody in the know can answer for me. I have no qualms about washing the car at a place like this with the high pressure gun, but other than the possibility of knocking the scooter over would there be any "danger" in washing it here?

I fear giving it a good bath and then going to fire it up only to find that I got something wet that I shouldn't have and that I won't be able to get myself home. Yeah, I know cycles get wet in the rain and work just fine, but if I'm shooting water at high pressure up under the plastic, well? What are the odds that I'm going to have a spiffy, shiny bike that won't go anywhere when I'm done?

Thank you in advance for whatever helpful comments you might leave. Lord knows I need 'em!


Baron's Life said...

At first I thought it should be no problem but on second thought after re-reading your post...I would suggest you ask the dealer who sold you the bike first if it's OK or not.
They should know

Lance said...

Joe, while your Piaggio is pretty well-sealed I am sure, I've heard that the hi-pressure water from those hoses can get into the electronics and could cause moisture problems.

Orin said...

Joe, I have washed both the PX and the GTS at self-serve carwashes with no harm whatsoever to the engine. It'll start. Trust me.

Keep in mind, your bike was designed to be ridden in (and parked in) all kinds of weather. It is only Americans who think of them as fragile, precious toys.

You don't want to be putting a continuous, lengthy stream of water into the fan shroud, and if it sits in water up to the front edge of the seat where the engine air intake is, you probably have a problem. Otherwise, no worries...

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