Friday, January 16, 2009

Training Wheels, er Wings

I was going through some of my earliest digital photos last night just for the fun of it and I came across this one.

Kind of looks like me on the scooter. Don't you think?

I'll be away for the weekend - in Steelers' territory, in fact, so whatever cheering I might do for the Eagles will need to be somewhat muted if I don't want to get lots of scowls directed my way.

I wish the holiday on Monday were the kind that almost everybody gets off from work instead of basically those of us who work for banks and schools. At least that's how it is out our way, and even here some schools have class while others don't. It's tough to enjoy a day off when you're off alone and there's too much ice on the roads to ride.

Then again, I can always visit the local park to stay in shape for riding season...


Baron's Life said...

Hang in there.... Riding season is round the corner.
I'll be posting some pictures this weekend about how it looked like over here a week ago.

Lance said...

Yes, I can't wait until the weather improves and the riding season starts. BTW, nice new banner picture for your blog!

Anonymous said...

Too's a scooter duck! Spring is just around the bend.