Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Drip. Drip. Drip.

It's been since early spring when I took the scooter out of winter dry dock that I've had a very slow coolant leak under its middle. At first there seemed to be a definite correlation with my use of the Battery Tender™, but after I stopped topping off the juice for a while the leak started up again. I left the bike with the mechanic for a few days in May, but not a drop leaked out. Now, with the warranty about to run dry in October, I need to have whatever it is fixed.

The little puddles seem to form overnight when the cycle's been sitting the longest. This is about the worst that the drip gets.

Some mornings I find only a quarter sized spot and other mornings there's nothing at all. The coolant level is still near the max, so there's not a whole lot dripping out. Nonetheless, engines aren't supposed to leak, not even a little.

This might as well be an intestine for all I know about the underside of a motor vehicle, but you can see the greenish drip about to fall. The gasket it's poised under, though, doesn't seem to be the source. You can see that the black thing above it is all wet and I'm suspecting that the source of the leak is somewhere inside whatever the black thing is.

So, amateur mechanics, what do you make of it?

In addition to getting the leak fixed, I need an oil change and an inspection too. Speaking of which... I bought the bike last October and the inspection was due in April. I took it in then and had it inspected, but the new sticker was only good until October. They explained that it was because of how Pennsylvania doesn't allow motorcycle inspections in the winter. I'm still confused. Hopefully this time it'll be good for a full year.


Paul said...

They told you PA doesn't allow Motorcycle inspections during the winter? That's news on me, and I worked for PennDOT's Driver and Vehicle services call center for four and a half years.

I did a quick search of PennDOT's website and didn't find anything. I believe the mechanic was giving you a load of horse hockey!

As for your bike...dude...I think you've got a leak. That's about all I can tell ya on that.

irondad said...

All I can offer is my empathy. I hate these kind of little things.

Marc said...

I can now share in your frustration...

Back on September 19th, I bought a 2005 Kymco Bet & Win 250 with the Km equivalent of 1,850 miles.

The previous owner told me of an intermittent fuel leak. He wasn't kidding!!! I'll be taking it to the garage for a second time on Monday.

My first full tank of gas (2.2 gallons) lasted 55 miles. While that may equate to 25 mpg, I have a feeling that most of it is on my driveway -- on warm days (75+ degrees) it leaks at about one drop per second.

The first time at the garage they tightened hoses on the carb. This time I figure they'll be replacing the float assembly (which is what the previous owner suspects will fix the problem).